Feature driver series: Modz

Feature driver series: Modz

Atomic F1 sit down with current Modz
Q: What's the most memorable win for you in online racing, and why?
In 2009 I was racing GRID Formula 3 online. I was fairly crap and ended up finishing towards the back end of the field for most of our races. But one race at Spa for me was the moment i got to taste my first open wheel victory. We had a solid 16-18 racers most weeks and there skill ranged from auto assist drivers to no assists 10th of a second racers. I at the time was the former. having never finished higher than 8th after 12 or so races, the next track in line was Spa, my favorite. And i knew my experience from older F1 games (2002 & 2006) might give me a chance to finish higher up the ladder.

The race was 75 laps, and after a random grid put me in 15th out of 16. I started the race well and ended up taking 1-2 off the line and then slowly started taking 1 after the other until it was lap 75, last corner chicane and i had a better exit speed in second place and took the win by less than 2 10ths of a second. At which point i dropped my controller and finished chugging the last opened red bull can i had next to me in victory.

This victory was my first real online open wheel race victory and the most unexpected & shocking results from the championship leaders perspective.

Q: Describe your driving and racing style:
When driving in gaming online i usually race with 1 moto in mind. A quote from the late Ayrton Senna's famous interview with Jackie Stewart. Although i don't totally agree with Ayrton when it comes to real life racing, especially when incidents can cause lose of life. Online racing doesn't not have that risk and at most you get yelled at. But racing with in the rules is also a strong quality i try and uphold. At times I'll give way to stronger competitors if i feel my pace isn't up for the challenge, and if risk of mistake is too high for the small gain.

My style is to try my best. One thing i have had to deal with since joining the atomic league that hasn't been so apparent in the past, is my old football knee injury. When i was 16 some fat big kid did a specky up the side of me and landed on the side of my right knee crushing it and snapping some inner tendons. It never healed correctly and i was never able to play high contact sport again. Racing at this intense level had brought about some pain in the past especially around tracks like Monaco in season 5. This injury causes my long term consistency to go out the window and sometimes i've had off or spins because of miss timed or judged throttle use. So my style is slightly messy but after fitness and walking the pain is getting less and less so Constancy and ability can be more relied upon through out my game.

Q: What's your all-time favourite turn (or sequence) of the current tracks:
Easy, Monaco sector 1 & 2. When putting in an all balls out hot lap your heart is genuinely flying as you are missing walls and corners by mere millimeters. Pulling off a perfect hot lap here is the most demanding and mentally challenging sequence of corners out of any F1 circuit of the current generation. Add rain to the equation and you really do have to have god on your side to come out an unscathed victor at the end.
Q: As above, but which do you hate the most, and why:
Previous Singapore was for me by far the worst track on the calender. But the Chinese GP would honestly hold my least favorite sectors. Turns 1, 2 & 3 as well as 11, 12 & 13 are by far my most hated corners. I can manage 1 off perfect lines but over a race distance i have bleed time like crazy and have looked at them with hate every time i approach them.

Q: You must choose a city for a new Formula One street circuit - which city, anywhere in the world, do you choose, and why?
This was a tough question, I love the Adelaide street circuit and would love to see F1 return to it. But as for a true new street circuit there are many amazing city's and places that we could fantasize about seeing F1 cars scream around. But if i had to pick 1 city that i feel would truly bring something special & unique to F1 Moscow, Russia would be at the top of my list. I think it is the only part of the world out of reach of modern F1 due to its climate, but how ever i think some opportunity could be considered there. I'm sure Marussia would love to see a home race one day.
Q: If you could choose one former world champion as your team mate, who would you choose and why?
Flouncy would be my first choice, his talent and speed in open wheel racing has proven to be up there with the best of the best. His driving and racing style are very unique to him. His commitment and dedication to the league is a huge motivation force to the rest of us and his strong team spirit are a major bonus t anyone on his team.
Q: Formula One innovations of the past - ground effect, active suspension, turbocharging, six wheels, the list goes on. If you could bring back one past innovation, what would it be and why?
One big thing that i feel is missing is modern F1 is the noise. The scream of the old V10 F1 engines are unlike any other racing sport in the world. Modern F1 sounds loud, but it's missing the heart tremoring power from the 1k HP V10 monsters. When you stood meters away from an the old Ferrari V10s of 1994 you felt like they where alien almost not of this world. Today because of emission rules and regulations the sound of F1 just isn't the same.
Q: What current Formula One regulation would you most like to change and why?
Well the same as above. Ever smaller engine regulations are forcing the sport into softer and softer cars, and i think it's taking away a lot of the spirit behind what F1 is all about. F1 cars should have engines that are at the top of the food chain in terms of power & ability.
Q: If you could pick two Formula One greats of the past (from different eras) to watch race against each other, who would you pick?
Ayrton Senna(81) & Michael Schumacher(95), Driving the 1993 era cars around Monaco or Imola.
Q: Just 19 of the worlds motor racing circuits feature on the current Atomic F1 calendar. You can add one more. Which circuit do you pick and why?
Again I'd love to see Adelaide re-join the modern era F1 calender but i would more so love to see a much older track shine again and for that I'd pick Imola. I think it's important for F1 hang onto it's great tracks and not let technical modern track take over true greats.
Q: You are having a dinner party and can invite four people from the world of motorsport, past or present. Who do you invite?
You are having a dinner party and can invite four people from the world of motorsport, past or present. Who do you invite?
Ayrton Senna, Eddie Jordon, Jackie Stewart & Professor Sid Watkins. Oh what an entertaining dinner that would be.

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