Ask Lambo Part #8

Ask Lambo Part #8

All your burning questions answered by our resident stats expert

Q: McLaren's 1-2 in Japan this season was the 3rd such result this season. Is this a record for a team in a single season?
A: McLaren did indeed score their 3rd 1-2 finish of the season when Schmeval headed home his teammate ToF at the Japanese Grand. An impressive feat without a doubt, but still some way off being a record. Group Force India holds that honour with an incredible tally of 10 1-2 wins from season 3. Their drivers Flouncy and Ghost finished the season tied on wins, but Flouncy had the edge in finishes taking the championship at the final race in Abu Dhabi.

Q: What driver has been involved in the most 1-2 finishes?
A: Current McLaren driver Flouncy has been involved in a record 13 1-2 finishes. The majority of these results came from the incredible season 3 battle with his teammate Ghost, who ironically is second on the list with 10, all of them with Flouncy. Tied for 3rd is Schmeval and ToF who have competed 5 1-2 finishes together while Atomic Lambo is 4th with 4 1-2 finishes. TurrbalTerror closes out the multiple 1-2 finishers with 3 while WebbyMoto and Loose have a singular 1-2 finish when they were Red Bull drivers.

Q: Are there any drivers who have been involved in multiple 1-2 finishes that only ever finished those in 2nd?
A: Removing the singular 1-2 finish of WebbyMoto and Loose, only one other driver has not been the winning driver in all the 1-2 finishes they've been involved with. All 5 of ToF's 1-2 finishes with his season 6 teammate Schmeval have been with him finishing 2nd.


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