Ask Lambo Part #5

Ask Lambo Part #5

All your burning questions answered by our resident stats expert.

Q: Which driver competed in the most races before winning his maiden victory?
A: Saubers ET ROM au competed in 28 races before successfully winning the Melbourne Grand Prix on his 29th start at the beginning of season #5.

Q: Of the Atomic F1 drivers who've won a race, which one currently is on the longest drought since their last win?
A: This rather dubious honour belongs to the Williams driver Eradicator. Since taking 3 wins in season #1, his last being the Brazilian Grand Prix, Eradicator has competed in 45 races without a follow-up victory. His closest since then has been two 2nds, the Hungarian Grand Prix in season #4 and the Malaysian Grand Prix in sesaon #5.

Q: Five drivers had their first wins in Season #5. Is this a record?
A: You are correct that 5 drivers have won their first career race in season #5, with those drivers being ET ROM au in Melbourne, Loose in Malaysia, WebbyMotto in China, f15active in Turkey, and Schmeval in Canada. However it's currently second to season #1 in terms of first time winners. Season #1 yielded 6 first time winners (given it was the first season). Flouncy took his first win in Bahrain, Lambo in Melbourne, Eradicator in China, Kikz in Spain, Ghost in Turkey, and bobaj0r in Monza. Having said that we are only 7 rounds in so plenty of time for that record to be either matched or even broken.

Q: Which constructor has competed in the most races?
A: Of the 83 races so far, McLaren has competed in 77 of those. Second is Williams with 64 appearances with Force India 3rd with 61. On the other end of the scale, Mercedes has been represented the least with 14 races.

Q: Which driver is currently averaging the most points per race over their career?
A: If we exclude drivers who've started in less than the equivalent to a full season (lets quantify that as 19 races) then the clear winner is Saubers Flouncy who currently averages 19.51 points per race. If we however allow all results, McLarens Schmeval is currently averaging 21.50 points per round but with only 2 starts compared to Flouncy's 79.


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