Ask Lambo Part #4

Ask Lambo Part #4

All your burning questions answered by our resident stats expert.

Q: What's the most number of different circuits a driver has won at over their career?
A: An interesting question that logically comes down to 3 drivers. Flouncy, Ghost, and Lambo. Of his 22 race victories Flouncy has recorded wins at 13 different circuits. Lambo on the other hand from his 23 victories has won at 15 different circuits, and finally Ghost with 16 wins has taken those from 11 different circuits.

Q: At the British GP in Season 4, the winning margin was only 1.3 seconds. Is this the smallest winning margin?
A: Lambo's win at Silverstone over bobaj0r was by only 1.3 seconds yes, however it's only the 4th smallest margin of victory in the history of Atomic F1.

The top 5 closest finishes are:

  • Season 2 - Korean GP - 0.3 second gap - Ghost winning from Lambo
  • Season 1 - Melbourne GP - 0.8 second gap - Flouncy winning from Lambo
  • Season 2 - Melbourne GP - 1.3 second gap - Ghost winning from Flouncy
  • Season 4 - British GP - 1.3 second gap - Lambo winning from bobaj0r
  • Season 2 - European GP - 1.6 second gap - Lambo winning from Flouncy

Q: Has there ever been a driver that has won a race, but never had a pole position?
To this date, the answer is no. Of the 6 drivers that have recorded a race win, all of them have had a pole position at some stage in their careers. However if we were to expand this question to drivers who have won a race but never from pole then the answer would be just one. Current Red Bull Racing driver Kikz has won 3 grand prix races but none of those wins came from pole. The Spanish GP in season 1 was won from 5th on the grid, the Hungarian GP 4th on the grid in the same season and his last win in Turkey in season 3 coming from 2nd on the grid.

Q: Which driver has the best pole to win ratio?
A: Of the 6 drivers that have won races, bobaj0r leads the field of percentage of wins from pole with %77 of his wins coming from the front. In second is Flouncy with %54, third is Lambo with %44, Eradicator in fourth with %33 and fifth is Ghost with %31. Kikz holds the dubious honour of having not won any of his races from pole, and thus is last with %0.


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