Ask Lambo Part #3

Ask Lambo Part #3

All your burning questions answered by our resident stats expert. Ask Lambo takes a look at the 3 time winners, most 3rd places and other interesting facts regarding 3.

A factor of 3

Q: How many times has a driver won 3 consecutive races in a season?
A: Prior to Singapore only two other drivers had achieved 3 consecutive victories in a single season. Season 3 runner up Ghost looked set to cruise to the title after winning at Sliverstone, Hockenheim, and Istanbul but was quickly surpassed by Flouncy who actually holds the record for most consecutive race victories when he won at Belgium, Monza, Singapore, and Suzuka. Additionaly if you count overlap seasons Flouncy won the last two rounds of season 3 with wins at Brazil and Abu Dhabi, and the opening round of Season 4 in Australia. The latest addition to the club is Lambo who recently won at Singapore after taking victories in Monza and at Spa.

Q: Who has the most 3rd place finishes?
A: The clear winner in this category is McLaren's Kikz who has stepped on the 3rd place podium 17 times in his Atomic F1 career to date. Second is Lambo with 14 and rounding out the podium of thirds is Flouncy with 12.

Q: Which driver has the most consecutive 3rd place finishes?
A: This I had to check twice as it's just too perfect to be true, but ironically McLaren's Kikz scored 3 consecutive 3rd place finishes in you guessed it, season 3. 3rd place at Malaysia, China, and Spain.


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