Ask Lambo Part #1

Ask Lambo Part #1

All your burning questions answered by our resident stats expert.

Q: Who has competed in the most Grand Prix races and who's driven in the least?
A: It's no surprise to find out that the driver who's raced in the most grand prix's is no other than current Lotus-Renault driver Lambo who this weekend will start his 68th race. On the other end of the spectrum there are two drivers who share the honour of driving in just a single race. Notjedi and mm80x both have appeared in just one Atomic F1 event however those appearances are quite a distance apart. Notjedi's debut was in season four round 2 in Malaysia where he qualified 10th and finished a distant 14th. Mm80x's only appearance came at the Japanese grand prix in round 16 of season one. He qualified 8th but failed to finish the race.

Q: The Hungarian GP of season 3 only had 5 starters. Is this a record for the least number of drivers for a GP?
A: While five starters is the lowest number of participants in a championship round it's actually occurred on no less than four occasions. Rounds 18 and 19 of the opening season both had 5 runners, the lower than expected turn out was partly due to the fact the championship had been wrapped up by Lambo a few rounds before. The other two are the German Grand Prix of season two and as already mentioned the Hungarian GP of season three.

Q: Lambo notched his third win at Spa out of four races there. Is that a record for a driver at one track?
A: Lambo indeed did notch up his 17th career victory and his 3rd race win at Spa, however depending on how you look at, Ferrari's Flouncy also has won three times at Suzuka with the circuit still yet to be raced in season 4. If Flouncy is to win at Suzuka again this season it will be a record number of victories at a single track but more importantly it will mean that no other driver will have ever won at Suzuka.

Q: Only six drivers have stood on the top podium in the history of Atomic F1. Which driver has come the closest to winning a race who's not in that top 6?
A: The 6 drivers you are referring too are Flouncy, Lambo, Ghost, bobaj0r, TurrbalTerror, and finally Eradicator. Believe it or not a combination of these 6 have been on every single podium bar only 3 races in the history of Atomic F1. No driver that hasn't won a race has ever scored higher than a 3rd place which has occurred on three occasions. Season 2 round 16 at the Singapore GP saw Sora claim 3rd place with Modz doing the same in Season 3 round 11 and most recently ET ROM au placing 3rd in Melbourne in Season 4.


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