VeloXR presents the only pit and ICM tutorial you’ll need for Project Cars 2

VeloXR presents the only pit and ICM tutorial you’ll need for Project Cars 2

A lot of issues seem to be happening in pit lane lately. What we want to do is minimise the mistakes and make sure everyone is on the same playing field. I have never had an issue in all my seasons of Project Cars 2 coming into the pits and changing my tyres or repairing damage.

As your pit bay isn’t always obvious in a race make sure to turn on “Pit box visual cue” in the options menu. This will save you if your pit crew isn’t viewable or if you don’t know which pit crew is yours. This is super helpful and gets me to the right pit bay 100% of the time.

The ICM itself is not complicated. If you have a D-pad to use on either your wheel or shifter it’s even easier. Whatever could make it easier for you, do it. During the race it is much harder to navigate than what it looks. Try using your ICM at race pace around Willow Springs Horse Thief mile and you’ll understand what I mean.

In our league at the current stage the main option you want is “Adjust strategy”. This gives you the option to change your pit strategy or set the options manually. You want to check your options for pitting EVERY time you pit. You cannot reverse out of your pit bay and try again. Your pit bay will only be ready for you to come in again AFTER exiting the pits. If you’ve setup a pit strategy previously you can choose it from the list of strategies in the ICM. Make sure it has a big tick next to the strategy name. After selecting the strategy (or if you don’t have one) go into the pit options and check all the options you want are available. Here you can change the damage repairs / tyre choice / fuel to be added.

Only when you’re happy with the options in the ICM should you enter your pit bay. You can come to a stop right behind your pit bay and configure your pit options, but do not go into the pit bay until doing so. I find it easiest to go a little slower in pit lane when bringing the car up to pit and change all my pit options. Sometimes I’ll be able to find a straight on the track where I can focus on the ICM and make all my changes prior to entering pit lane.


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    October 28, 2018

    I ran over one of my pit guys today. I did it on purpose though because he “accidentally” dropped a wheel nut last week. At least I think it was the same guy, they all look quite similar in their suites. Suites which I might add that they change every single race. I try my best to keep the car livery the same so that they don’t change the wrong cars tyres but noooo…I have to play the “guess what colour we have on today game”. Also I think I might run over the fuel guy next week. He rocks up to every race and pretends like he is all important and such though I have NEVER seen him put a drop of fuel in the car.


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      October 29, 2018

      They also like to play “guess what tyres I’m going to put on”. When it’s a wetting track, when you try an early pit to undercut the rest of the field, do you think they’re on the same page?!? nope, its slicks for you! Just to fuck up your day and make you do a second pitstop when it rains good and proper!


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    November 01, 2018

    Thanks Velo! A great guide.


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    November 01, 2018

    I’m going to go find that pit box visual cue option. I drove through 3 pit boxes at one stage hoping someone would change my tires!


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