Riley sublime in Canada

Riley sublime in Canada


Riley sublime in Canada

F1 - Canadian Grand Prix - Qualifying Results
Pos No Driver Team Time Laps
1 3 Australia RileyF1 Switzerland Sauber 01:10.866 0
2 1 Australia Schmeval Austria Red Bull 01:10.890 0
3 9 Australia DaZzA Germany Mercedes 01:11.189 0
4 13 Australia Slizzer Great Britain Williams 01:11.212 0
5 5 Poland Preyst France Lotus 01:11.503 0
6 2 New Zealand 888 Austria Red Bull 01:11.819 0
7 10 Australia ToF Germany Mercedes 01:12.046 0
8 6 Australia Parkour France Lotus 01:12.204 0
9 11 Australia Atomic Lambo Great Britain McLaren 01:12.271 0
10 16 Australia Oz1098S Great Britain Caterham 01:12.408 0
11 15 Australia Ghost Great Britain Caterham 01:12.953 0
12 12 New Zealand Flouncy Great Britain McLaren 01:13.231 0
13 4 Australia Eradicator Switzerland Sauber 01:13.682 0
F1 - Canadian Grand Prix - Race Results
Pos No Driver Team Time Laps Fastest Lap Grid Pts
1 3 Australia RileyF1 Switzerland Sauber 00:44:34.291 35 01:12.251 1 25
2 1 Australia Schmeval Austria Red Bull +4.997 35 01:12.087 2 18
3 5 Poland Preyst France Lotus +32.561 35 01:13.721 5 15
4 7 Australia Silicnt Italy Ferrari +40.997 35 01:13.080 4 12
5 9 Australia DaZzA Germany Mercedes +50.929 35 01:12.974 3 10
6 10 Australia ToF Germany Mercedes +51.166 35 01:13.208 7 8
7 2 New Zealand 888 Austria Red Bull +51.555 35 01:13.208 6 6
8 6 Australia Parkour France Lotus +1:05.706 35 01:14.410 8 4
9 15 Australia Ghost Great Britain Caterham +1:15.078 35 01:14.004 11 2
10 12 New Zealand Flouncy Great Britain McLaren +1 lap 34 01:14.569 12 1
11 4 Australia Eradicator Switzerland Sauber +1 lap 34 01:14.293 13 0
12 11 Australia Atomic Lambo Great Britain McLaren +1 lap 34 01:14.898 9 0
DNF 16 Australia Oz1098S Great Britain Caterham +28 laps 7 01:18.147 10 0
Driver Quotes

"Despite the same ongoing issues with the pedals, I was fundamentally too slow tonight. Despite being a pet track, I hadn't had time to nail a setup and went in with one that was not great.

Certainly capable of low 1:11's but either had the car pulling up too early or not at all. Oh Australia post how I do hate thee.

Ran at the back most of the race, pretended to have a fight with Ghost for a few corners. When it stopped raining pitted at exactly the right time, but was so far back I just couldn't catch up. Good work by the pitwall to keep the drivers on the correct tire.

A single point from teammy that will go a long way in our battle with Williams, Marussia and Force India." - Atomic Lambo - McLaren

"A stunning drive in challenging conditions rewarded the McLaren equal #2 driver Flouncy McFuck with a crucial victory over arch-rival Eradicator.

Starting last on the grid, the Sauber driver had already lost the confidence battle, and despite carrying heavy damage for most of the last stint, McFuck's raw pace and track affinity was like the Great Wall of China to Eradicator's Mongol horde. He shall not pass!

Team Supremo Whitmarsh has called both McLaren drivers in for a private chat following a lap 1 pass which Flouncy reckons was clean, yet over-the-radio protests from the other McLaren driver indicate perhaps possibly otherwise. The replay will tell, yet the two Black Beauty drivers remain on speaking terms and look forward to further denting Sauber's championship hopes at the upcoming race at their home track next weekend." - Flouncy - McLaren

"This was one of those races that could have ended better but I'm happy with the result anyway.

Qualifying time was a personal best, I changed my wing settings at the last moment which helped me get this time. Didn't bother going out again as I wanted to save tyres? Don't really remember why.

The race started in the wet and I lost 2 positions to Dazza and Parkour in the first few corners being a bit too cautious. Then after a few laps I manager to get past Parkour and was chasing Dazza. This battle lasted for a long time as Parkour once out to 2 seconds started catching up and was right behind me again, so I had to push really hard to stay in front which meant I caught right up to the back of Dazza and it was a 3 way battle. Lucky for me Dazza was having a bit more trouble with balance when the tyres went and I got past him and pulled away while he battled Parkour.

Then just before the rain finished Preyst who had pitted for a 2nd set of inters had caught me and got past pretty easily as I was sliding out of every corner.

His strategy was the better one but I managed to hold onto the car under low grip in the wet to be able to pit for dry tyres and only be 2 to 3 seconds behind. But while coming into the pits thinking about options or primes delayed me picking and by the time I tried to select my tyres it was too late.

So another lap around in inters and another stop that was not needed.

After the 2nd stop I was 16 seconds behind Preyst and 3 seconds in front of Dazza.

My pace in the dry was good as I was catching Preyst and pulled away from Dazza. I really could of had a chance of a podium today but it was fun anyway to finally have a wet race so who cares." - Silicnt - Ferrari

"Nice to finally get the win. Got the start I needed and Dazza with his usual fast starts got past schmeval. On lap 20ish i pitted for primes while schmeve stayed out a lap later and pitted for options. I was about 3 seconds ahead as he exited the pits and it looked like he was going to catch me before the end but he got a drive through, unlucky, would've been very close.

Bad luck Oz and sorry Lambo if I was a bit eager to get past in qualifying, we didn't touch on my screen." - RileyF1 - Sauber

"Absolutely shocking early on in my stints, but had the pace of a rocket coming home. Really wish I would've qualified better ( with Canada being a favorite of mine ) but it does seem both of our cars were off the pace this weekend. With ToF edging out the gap in the championship race by race we are going to have to step it up in the races to come. Well done to Riley too, fantastic drive mate." - 888 - Red Bull

"After the disaster Monaco was it was good to get some strong points. Been tied up with other commitments which meant I came into the race with only 5 laps practice which was a bit of a worry but everything was pretty positive today.

The rain spiced things up for sure and after gaining some places when Parkour made a mistake I lost it all and more as I defended and got all out of shape. I kept fighting to stay with Flouncy and eventually saw PREYST pit quite early. It took me a while to figure out if PREYST had to change his wing or strategically pitted. After about 9 laps I could feel the rear tyres getting away from me so I pitted for new inters as soon as my engineer told me the rain was staying for quite some time. The plan was to catch everyone who stayed out once their inters were off the cliff because the rain didn't dry up soon enough. To my disbelief it worked so well I started setting purples and caught right back up to the tail of the front pack!

The end was a bit tough with 888 always hanging around waiting for a mistake. It didn't help that my team mate was suffering grip issues on the primes which meant I caught up to him in the final laps. Ross Brawn decided team points were more crucial and we agreed to keep everything smooth to make sure we both finished ahead of 888. Looking forward to Silverstone now, car feels the best there than it's ever felt before." - ToF - Mercedes


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