Schmeval wins chaotic Japanese GP

Schmeval wins chaotic Japanese GP


Schmeval wins chaotic Japanese GP

F1 - Japanese Grand Prix - Qualifying Results
Pos No Driver Team Time Laps
1 1 Australia Schmeval India Force India 01:33.443 0
2 2 Australia Flukey Italy Ferrari 01:33.717 0
3 3 Poland Preyst Great Britain Caterham 01:33.779 0
4 4 Australia DaZzA India Force India 01:34.123 0
5 15 New Zealand Flouncy Great Britain McLaren 01:35.136 0
6 13 Australia Atomic Lambo Great Britain McLaren 01:35.331 0
7 9 Australia Silicnt France Lotus 01:35.841 0
8 11 Australia RileyF1 Switzerland Sauber 01:36.030 0
9 6 Australia Parkour Austria Red Bull 01:36.240 0
10 7 Australia Oz1098S France Lotus 01:36.659 0
11 5 Australia ToF Germany Mercedes 01:36.941 0
12 14 Australia Eradicator Switzerland Sauber 01:37.225 0
13 17 Australia Ghost Great Britain Caterham 01:46.269 0
14 12 Australia Intense Germany Mercedes 02:02.221 0
F1 - Japanese Grand Prix - Race Results
Pos No Driver Team Time Laps Fastest Lap Grid Pts
1 1 Australia Schmeval Austria Red Bull 00:57:26.335 31 01:42.193 1 25
2 5 Poland Preyst France Lotus +37.676 31 01:44.299 3 18
3 2 New Zealand 888 Austria Red Bull +1:45.984 31 01:44.519 2 15
4 15 Australia Ghost Great Britain Caterham +1 lap 30 01:45.611 10 12
5 6 Australia Parkour France Lotus +1 lap 30 01:44.843 4 10
6 11 Australia Atomic Lambo Great Britain McLaren +1 lap 30 01:48.062 8 6
7 7 Australia Silicnt Italy Ferrari +2 laps 29 01:45.484 6 4
8 12 New Zealand Flouncy Great Britain McLaren +4 laps 27 01:46.705 9 2
DNF 4 Australia Eradicator Switzerland Sauber +31 laps 0 01:46.037 7 0
Driver Quotes

"Qualifying was pretty good. Made the choice to crank up some wing for the wet race so I was a little off the pace in terms of time but hoped that would play into my hands come race. Went out on the inters for first run, but was dry enough for the options on the second. A little tricky out of sector one but there was plenty of grip. 5th and 6th for McLaren was a great result so there was high fives all around at the garage.

Race start was sluggish but ok. But after getting through turn one, was muscled out left right and centre. People attempting passing in strange spots. Got into 130 R and had Intense try and make a pass. The contact put me into the wall, and I was thinking that this was race over as I hit the wall pretty solidly. Pitted after that for the front wing and tires and that was the race over. I then moved into guinea pig mode for Ben as I pitted early for inters and wets and gave feedback on were it was wet, where it was dry. Pitted early (I think the first one) for full options. It was tricky as sector one was damp but still doable with slicks, and the rest of the sectors drying up quickly. Was pumping in quick sector times going purple till I got to the end of the final turn were there was no dry line. Stood on the power to early and swung the back out into the wall and end of race. Unfortunate, but still love the conditions, especially the different parts of the track dry and wet.

Disappointing not to get a good result considering the pace we had this weekend, but did enjoy the race working with Ben. Highly entertaining. McLaren going away with no points hurts, but we look toward next week and Korea. Quite possibly with similar conditions.

Lastly congrats to Schmeval and another demonstration on how it's done in the wet, but luck to Flukey. You always gotta take some risk for reward. And great work by our new driver RileyF1, 4th on debut is impressive." - Atomic Lambo - McLaren

"Man oh man. That was ultra intense. Yep, inters should have more universal grip, and yep, the weather transitions are pretty blinding, but it all adds up to make a bit of a thrill.

Qualy was nice to me for a change, I ran slicks all the way from the start and that paid off as was out on them for the brief window when they were really fast.

Start was ok. Then the next 27 laps were a blur. Can't remember any of it. Except close racing in a tight group for most of it. Tof a close track companion and Parkour, too. And Mark got me with one to go taking my precious point.

Yep. Many wasted opportunities. A small off turns into 4 places lost pretty quickly, but then a lap later you're back in it again. That's why I liked this. Crazy chaos." - Flouncy - McLaren

"What an interesting race it was. I never had the speed here as noticed in a few prac sessions before the race, but I was hopeful.

Qualy was in the rain for the first half which was all I went out for. It dried later on though and people started setting real quick laps, well not wet laps anyway. This put me in 11th. Since I went out in the rain only my time was a good 10 seconds off everyone else. Except Intense who set a blindingly fast 2:02, pulled over on the straight, got out of his car, doused it with vodka from the bottle he just happened to have been holding and threw his ciggy in the cockpit setting it alight.

The race was fun, Managed to not take anyone out on the first corner while getting knocked around a bit. Masterful driving by me I assure you. Set in behind a pack of 4 who I had trouble trying to keep up with. The rain started about lap 8 i think and I left it for one more lap then went in for inters. This turned out to be a good thing I think. I came out to no grip in the first and second sector. I was passed by about 6 cars in this one lap but in sector 3 I got a position back from Oz and as I got around to the pits again, there were the other 5 cars. "BEAUTY!" I thought, "That worked out well". The first corner got me for a few laps though on the inters as the rain moved over the track.

Then I must have been one of the first to go full wets to. Came out on them and again had to crawl around the first 2 sectors but was quick on the 3rd. Dunno if it helped or not but I think I was in 5th there for a while. That felt good for a change.

Finally changed back to Options with I think 7 laps to go and it worked out good again. That first sector really took ages to dry out though. That was very fun knowing that you had to be cautious on the firt turn but you could gun it for the rest of the lap.

I had a good tyre strategy I think. Good fun racing. Bring on more rain!" - Ghost - Caterham

"Wasn't a great race weekend for Mercedes but it was exciting! Went into the race knowing I was in damage limitation mode due to unusual lack of pace. The rain only amplified that and after making a mistake in qualifying (leaving DRS open around 130R on my only slicks hot lap) I found myself starting down in P11. The only positive from that was I could choose a new set of tyres. Decided to go on the primes in case the rain didn't come until later in the race but I was wrong. Had a difficult time defending everyone on the options on the first few dry laps.

My race start was actually really good for once as I had to drive around the Webber start of Parkour. Made it through the bunched up turn 1 safely but at the end of esses got a tap which put the car off balance and I was put off line where I was then an easy pass for a few people. I kept calm and focused on the job to stay with the pack until the rain came down and then the race was all over the place. While P8 and a crash for my teammate was a terrible result for the team, I had some serious fun with the weather of Suzuka. Lots of offs, and lots of company with Sili, Oz, Eradicator, Flouncy, Parkour and Ghost! Flouncy, Eradicator and Ghost were just on it at Suzuka, was a surprise to me when I couldn't shake them off!" - ToF - Mercedes


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