Season 2 – Round 8 – Canadian Grand Prix

Season 2 – Round 8 – Canadian Grand Prix


Season 2 – Round 8 – Canadian Grand Prix

F1 - Canadian Grand Prix - Qualifying Results
Pos No Driver Team Time Laps
1 1 Australia Atomic Lambo India Force India 01:14.352 0
2 4 Australia kikz India Force India 01:15.700 0
3 6 Australia Ghost Great Britain Team Lotus F1 01:15.876 0
4 3 New Zealand Flouncy Great Britain McLaren 01:16.109 0
5 2 Australia Eradicator Great Britain McLaren 01:17.453 0
6 8 Australia roxas3sora3 Russia Virgin F1 01:19.251 0
7 11 Australia Fredzfrog Italy Toro Rosso 01:23.025 0
F1 - Canadian Grand Prix - Race Results
Pos No Driver Team Time Laps Grid Pts
1 1 Australia Atomic Lambo India Force India 00:36:44.451 28 1 30
2 4 Australia kikz India Force India +7.800 28 2 22
3 3 New Zealand Flouncy Great Britain McLaren +23.500 28 4 17
4 6 Australia Ghost Great Britain Team Lotus F1 +28.100 28 3 15
5 2 Australia Eradicator Great Britain McLaren +1:17.600 28 5 11
6 8 Australia roxas3sora3 Russia Virgin F1 +2 laps 26 7 8
DNF 11 Australia Fredzfrog Italy Toro Rosso +28 laps 0 6 6
Driver Quotes

"FORCE INDIA 1 & 2 @ Montreal, YEAH MOTHER F$%KERS" - Atomic Lambo - Force India

"Great racing guys. any track I don't have to brake much is a good track (for me). I noticed pretty much everyone sucked balls at the second hairpin, except me :p (didn't follow Lambo long enough to see him tho). Had a great view of Ghosts 'box though and was making up heaps of meters into that corner. Great dice too, from the about a lap or two before the pit until about 8 laps from the end (~12 laps?)." - TurrbalTerror - Force India

"That was some nice racing at Montreal. Never felt alone. Pity I let the pressure get to me a couple of times, spinning three times on the hairpin, another time on one of the chicanes which sent me into the wall, making me have to reverse to get going again. All ruining my chance of coming second(because first is always Lambo at Montreal). Kikz, I was loving those laps we were pretty close. Sora, sorry for ramming you up the ass on the 23rd lap. I didn't relize you were going to break so soon. Fredz, I love the way you get out of the way a full hundred metres ahead." - Ghost - Lotus

"Knew I wasn't super competitive through lack of practice, and fear of Lambo's Canada speed (it's his favourite track you know) and kikz' time trial escapades and therefore likely race speed. Nevertheless managed to pull into 2nd on a nice clean start, then Lambo fucked up somewhere on lap 1 and I had the lead. Gee whiz Lambo must have been pissed about coming off. Musta had his mic off...

Drove clean and fast enough to make the race a numbers game - Lambo (and Ghost and kikz) were catching sure enough, but thought I *might* just take it if I stay fastish and on the track.

Fucked it in the pits, came in too hot and copped a 10 sec penalty. Funny how people with time penalties tend to keep it to themselves through a race eh... I knew Lambo would pass me soon enough, we had a neat few laps til I got spooked and ragged and by he went. Then I was hoping a hot kikz gaining on me would toast it in a wall, but alas, he got in and hounded me.

Kikz hounded me with good speed till I went slippy slidey and the 5 second gap became a nose up my arse, and he plunged in for a nice pass through a chicane which I just couldn't defend safely.

Race over I was thinking fuck, ten sec penalty is gonna drop me down low, but sweet as, Ghost and Mark also had penalties so I kept 3rd.

Good fun race, nice tension. Nice monster kill Lambo." - Flouncy - McLaren

"Montreal I have a love love relationship. It's easily my favourite track, very short, but has 2 or 3 key sections that if you nail it, you get rewarded with a fast lap, however this is very little room for error. I was easily cocky that I would get pole, and as I did last year, I only did one hot lap. One lap out, one hot lap, one lap in. I could have easily gone into the 1.13 in qualifying but I had either a lag spike or some sort of GPU issue where the frames dropped to like 6 or 7 frames into the last chicane. I was lucky not to put it into the wall.

Race was an uneventful start. I did a fairly conserative first lap to make sure my tires got up to temp and then I pushed to create a lead. I think it was either lap 4 or 5 that I got distracted by the games for windows login for Krispy coming up. It was enough to miss the breaking point and have me spin the car. Luckily I didn' break the front wing, but it was enough to suddenly be in 4th. I was super pissed, so after that It was all about the next 25 odd laps. I started nailing fast lap after fast lap passing Eradicator (I think) and getting up toward Kikz. I pitted on lap 9 and past Kikz in the pitz. I then went about catching Ben who at this point was 15 odd seconds down the road. I was just in some sort of crazy Montreal zone. Every braking point hit, every kurb cut just enough. I finally caught up to Ben and for the next couple laps looked for a way past. He was defending well untill the chichane section when you pass under the bridge he took a little too much curb and dropped it. I was able to go past without incident. From there it was about putting up a gap. Once It got to about 10 seconds I eased off and just looked after my tires in case I needed to attack again. Kikz obviously must have been catching Ben quickly as he eventually passed him as well. In the end 7 second cushion and a very very satisfying race considering the mistake." - Atomic Lambo - Force India

"I was pretty confident of getting a good time around Montreal. My Time Trial time was solid and it's an easy circuit. On my first lap out in quali I tried to eat my dinner (home made pizza, yum!) while driving. Result? Nose meets wall. Nose goes red. Limp back to pits and come out easy on my first timed flying lap, shifting up early and generally not trying hard. Second flying lap and I focussed hard, pushing pushing pushing. I was rewarded with a time 0.3s slower than my initial flying lap. A time that would be my quali time. I felt I had a good 0.8s improvement in my, if my splits where anything to go by, buy second place on the grid was good enough.

I got off the line ok, falling back to third, which I got back on turn 1. Lambo wasn't pulling away over the next lap. Then I spun and got past. I spun again a lap later. Then spun again pushing hard through the right left kink on the back straight before the hairpin (did that another time too). When I came out of the pits I was just behind Ghost and about 38seconds behind Flouncy, who I assume hadn't yet pitted.

Ghost and I had a good battle for the next 12 or so laps. I'd close it up to with 0.4, then I'd slip a bit in the dirty air. I'd catch back up and slip a bit again. Then Ghost would slip and I'd be right back in it. I got him on lap 21 I think and set about chasing Flouncy for second place. Suprisingly I caught him (and dropped Ghost) pretty easily. I saw Flouncy make a few mistakes as I got closer, and I assumed his tyres were shot. I put a clean but hard pass into Turn 8 and kept it planted firmly in the middle of the track, brake late and wide while I tried my best to keep Flouncy from cutting back under me and getting round the outside. Happilly we didn't colide and I managed to drive off into Force India's first one-two of the season." - TurrbalTerror - McLaren

"This was a doozy as I had to try and find another 2 seconds to be at least in contention with you guys. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. I was hoping it would rain as Montreal in the wet was one of my strong points. Alas, it was not meant to be. I tried my best to catch up to mark84 but I spun at one of the corners and my hopes of getting 5th or better went out the proverbial window. But at least I know what to expect in terms of how to deal with fast chicanes and low grip. Then seeing Ghost approaching rapidly, I had to let him pass. I moved onto the left to let him pass but it seemed he got even more confused and ended up with a bad shunt on my behalf I think. Lucky he didn't have a flying Webber off my car." - roxas3sora3 - Virgin


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