Who are we?
We're a fun and friendly bunch of raceheads located primarily in Australia and New Zealand and we've figured out a pretty cool way to do good online racing. We currently use Project Cars 2 on the PC, with our own dedicated server supporting up to 20 players.

Prior to 2013 everything was organised through the Atomic PC magazine forums. A bunch of like minded techy individuals banded together to race in the latest Formula 1 games. Eventually running everything through Atomic PC was too crowded and we branched out. This site was officially founded in 2013 as AtomicF1 by Lambo and later re-branded to Atomic Sim Racing to incorporate all things sim racing. To this day site is the central hub for all things racing and sim racing.

What do we do?
You can find us chatting about the current real world racing events all the time. All through the year we provide several championship leagues in the latest racing games to compete in if each member so desires.

What leagues do we run?
We generally run a single officially sanctioned championship comprising of any number of different cars, tracks and race formats. In the past we've run championships in a multitude
of formats and games, anything from the Codemasters F1 series through to the more recent titles such as Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2.

It only gets as serious as you want it to be. We encourage fair and clean racing between all of our drivers.

When do we race?
Our schedule for racing is based and other events in the world. Generally you will see us every Sunday night racing between 7:30pm – 9:30pm AEDT in the current championship.

As well as our Sunday night league you might see random mini-events and practise nights where our more experienced drivers are always happy to offer advice.

How much commitment is required?
It’s a long season with set races and it’s expected that you will participate in all events where possible. Of course, things like family and work emergencies always take priority. We have a unique dropped round system that allows for flexibility in this area without compromising your championship!

This is for you if you want a fully rewarding pretend racing experience. With that comes the entire spectrum of sim-ness. That means team and driver battles, amazing moments on the track, long periods of 110% zen-deep concentration. The quest for perfection. The thrill of competition with diverse drivers, each with strengths and weaknesses.

It's part living the dream, part cool gaming, part engaging in a long season against a spread of quality racers and people. It's not about winning at all costs. It's about getting into it.

Where can I chat with or find out more information?
This site is the central hub for everything Atomic Sim Racing. For regular chat we're based in our very own forum on the website here and in Discord. Feel free to drop us a message and say hello. Our friendly members will be happy to answer any questions you might have. You can find out more here: www.atomicsimracing.net/forum

If you need further information, feel free to drop our admin team an Email or join us in our forum.

Look forward to seeing you on the track!