Feature driver series: Alan Jones

Feature driver series: Alan Jones

It's not often we get the opportunity to interview a real life Grand Prix driver, but Atomic Sim Racing were lucky enough to sit down with Australia's last Formula One world champion, Alan Jones.


ASR: What’s the most memorable win for you in racing, and why?
Alan Jones: Oh well Montreal 1980 that clinched the world championship so that’s obviously my most memorable moment.

ASR: Describe your driving and racing style:
Alan Jones: Well I was aggressive, I would say I was pretty relentless I never gave up. I had contempt for everyone else and I had a bit of an ego and I think these are all things you need, because if you haven’t got them you’re not going to get anywhere.

ASR: What’s your all-time favourite turn (or sequence) of the current tracks?
Alan Jones: Well Eu-Rouge at Spa would have to go down as one of them, parabolica at Monza, the old north curve at the Hockenheim ring but now they’ve put a chicane in front of it so they’ve buggered that up. The Austria Ring isn’t what it used to be, that used to have big long sweeping corners through it, so yeah I sort of like long fast corners.

ASR: As above, but which do you hate the most, and why?
Alan Jones: Well I just hate pissy little hairpins which have no character and all you gotta do is retard the speed of the car stumble around and get going again. I just don’t like hairpins that much or pointless chicanes.

ASR: You must choose a city for a new Formula One street circuit – which city, anywhere in the world, do you choose, and why?
Alan Jones: Sydney

ASR: If you could choose one former world champion as your team mate, who would you choose and why?
Alan Jones: Well the obvious one would be Senna, because obviously his natural talent and his analytical approach to it all.

ASR: Formula One innovations of the past – ground effect, active suspension, turbocharging, six wheels, the list goes on. If you could bring back one past innovation, what would it be and why?
Alan Jones: Well I don’t really know to be honest, because I think 6 wheel’s they don’t do anything for me. I’d say make them change gears manually.

ASR: What current Formula One regulation would you most like to change and why?
Alan Jones: It’s hard, but I’m not a really big believer in this impending business, where the driver has to be told by the pit crew where he is in relation to other cars on the track and now if you go around a sweeper like parabolica for instance and if you are slowing down for what ever reason and the guy behind says you impeded me you get dragged up before the stewards and a possible fine or grid position loss at the next grand prix. Where as in my days we used to sort that out ourselves.

ASR: If you could pick two Formula One greats of the past (from different eras) to watch race against each other, who would you pick?
Alan Jones: I remember that dice between Villeneuve and Dijon at Arnoux, I mean that was bloddy fantastic to watch. But Senna and Prost always used to put up a pretty good battle so I’d probably go with them.

ASR: Just 20 of the world’s motor racing circuits feature on the current F1 calendar. You can add one more. Which circuit do you pick and why?
Alan Jones: Watkins Glen

ASR: You are having a dinner party and can invite four people from the world of motorsport, past or present. Who do you invite?
Alan Jones: Jean-Marie Balestre so that I could throw a pie in his face, Bernie cause he’s a character and he’d always come up with some good quips, Colin Chapman, and Enzo Ferrari.


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