ASR F1 2016 Tipping Competition

Tipper Leaderboard

Name Points
Ploddy 60
rogue eclipse 48
Lambo 42
petevo 36
DaZzA 35

Round Results:
Results after each round will be posted here.

Tipping will close prior to qualifying, any tips after that will not be accepted or counted.
While the round is open you may change your tips at any time. Simply resubmit your tips again, and the most recent one will be used as your final tip.

If you forget to tip you will NOT be awarded the average tipping score any more. Failure to tip results in a score of 0.

Point scoring is as follows:
Correctly predicting pole: 3 points
Correctly predicting race winner: 3 points
Correctly predicting number of retirements: 1 point
Correctly predicting who sets the fastest lap: 1 point
Correctly predicting if there will be a safety car: 1 point
Correctly predicting a double podium for a team: 1 point
Correctly predicting who is on the podium: 1 point per correct driver

Additional bonus points will be awarded for:
Correctly predicting the pole and race winner: 3 points
Correctly predicting the podium: 3 points
Correctly predicting everything: 5 points

Good luck!

Atomic F1 2016 Tipping