Schmeval clinches 11th win

Schmeval clinches 11th win


Schmeval clinches 11th win

F1 - Brazilian Grand Prix - Qualifying Results
Pos No Driver Team Time Laps
1 1 Australia Schmeval Great Britain McLaren 01:31.753 0
2 7 Australia Loose Austria Red Bull 01:32.485 0
3 3 Australia ToF Great Britain McLaren 01:32.709 0
4 15 Australia DaZzA Italy Toro Rosso 01:33.107 0
5 5 Australia Atomic Lambo France Renault 01:33.324 0
6 6 New Zealand Flouncy Switzerland Sauber 01:33.736 0
7 8 Australia Oz1098S France Lotus 01:34.285 0
8 9 Australia E.T. Switzerland Ferrari 01:34.675 0
9 4 Australia Ghost Great Britain Lotus 01:35.042 0
10 11 Australia Eradicator Great Britain Williams 01:35.795 0
11 14 Australia Modz France Renault 02:03.965 0
F1 - Brazilian Grand Prix - Race Results
Pos No Driver Team Time Laps Fastest Lap Grid Pts
1 1 Australia Schmeval Great Britain McLaren 00:45:19.147 28 01:32.252 25
2 3 Australia ToF Great Britain McLaren +30.923 28 01:34.345 18
3 7 Australia Loose Austria Red Bull +43.486 28 01:34.301 15
4 5 Australia Atomic Lambo France Renault +44.514 28 01:35.120 12
5 8 Australia Oz1098S France Lotus +1:01.483 28 01:35.508 10
6 4 Australia Ghost Great Britain Lotus +1:13.662 28 01:34.615 8
7 15 Australia DaZzA Italy Toro Rosso +1:19.449 28 01:34.228 6
8 14 Australia Modz France Renault +1:20.096 28 01:36.219 4
9 6 New Zealand Flouncy Switzerland Sauber +1:21.501 28 01:36.732 2
10 9 Australia E.T. Switzerland Ferrari +1 lap 27 01:36.561 1
11 11 Australia Eradicator Great Britain Williams +1 lap 27 01:36.560 0
Race Report

Despite the season being basically over, there was plenty of pride to still play for as McLaren looked to aid their driver ToF9 to 2nd in the drivers championship. Much debate and speculation arose in the lead up to the race on wether McLaren would try and use team orders to leap frog Red Bulls WebbyMoto who was 2nd in the standings.

With torrential conditions for the start of the race, things looked like going to plan as Schmeval was able to slow the pace down and allow his teammate to close in on the leaders. However several mistakes and a fast finishing WebbyMoto mean that McLaren's plans for a perfect season were dashed as the Red Bull finished in second.

Renaut's Lambo capped off a solid return to form with another podium finishing the season on a high after a dissapointing start to the season. The race however would belong to Schmeval, able to controll the pace when he needed to and pull away when it was clear it wasn't helping his teammate.

His 11 race victory out of only 12 starts setting the record for the least number of starts needed to win a championship. With such a competative season it's clear we are in for a treat come season 6.

Schmeval: 1st
Not even heavy rain and slowing down to try and get his teammate further up the finishing order could stop Schmeval from making it 11 wins from the season. A feat that is hard to see anyone else repeating other than Schmeval himself. It's hard to fathorm that he took the title so comfortably, that he only needed 10 races from the 19 availble to do it.

WebbyMoto: 2nd
In some respects this was his best drive. Coming from a drive through he worked his way through the pack and made good use of clear air and superior pace to comfortable take 2nd, and secure the same spot in the drivers championship. Red Bull this season has looked the strongest against McLaren taking 6 victories between WebbyMoto and Loose89. Next season is certainly looking bright.

Atomic Lambo: 3rd
One of his more patiant drives, Lambo's last 4 races have been some of his best driving to date. After a shakey start to the season, the last 4 races yielded three podiums and one 4th place. As he approaches his 100 career race there seems no shortage of enthuasim from the Lotus garage where he heads next season.

A mixed race of highs and lows, but a worthy fourth place sees ghost cement his 4th place standings in the league. Looked fast and at one stage was challanging for the lead if it were not for a few small mistakes pushing him back each time. He heads into next season likely to stick with Williams.

Oz1098S: 5th
After Modz85 left for HRT, the void of the second drive in the Renault looked to sure up it's team, and have found a solid talent in Oz1098S. Consistancy is the only reason he's not been on the podium yet, but big things are on the cards. His drive in Brazil not his best, but got the job done to help secure 3rd in the constructors championship beating Sauber. Will he stay at Renault, soon to become Lotus? He's more than earned his spot in our opinion.

Flouncy: 6th
A podium at the minimum was on the cards, but poor strategy cost the Sauber driver dearly. Was challanging for the lead and battled most of the race with HOLYGHOST79 and Lambo, the teams decision not to pit for intermediates, and move to option tires cost him several places and any chance of challanging for the win.

ToF9: 7th
McLaren threw everything they had at the race in Brazil to give ToF9 a change to leap frog WebbyMoto for 2nd in the drivers championship, but to no avail. Early work was undone with a few mistakes that put him further back and didn't allow him to challange WebbyMoto. In the end he finishes a distant 3rd but not before impressing the field. Finshing 2nd four times, he's desperately close to a race breakthrough. Likely to stay at McLaren with Schmeval, they'll look to go back to back in the constructors, and at a minimum take a break through victory.

ET ROM au: 8th
In many respects, the season end couldn't come quick enough. The talk of the paddock early in the season was his impressive breakthrough win in Melbourne, but since then the solid results have been few and far between. The long season may have taken it's toll, but there is still alot of optimism that he can still produce the goods. His race in Brazil sumed up most of his second half, as he struggled in the wet and had his off moments.

Eradicator84: 9th
Struggled in the wet at a track that is normally one of his best. Was eventually lapped by the top 3 it's a race and season to forget as he struggled to repeat his 2nd in similar conditions from Malaysia earlier in the season.

steve088: 10th
He dazzled the field on his return in FNP and put his Force India 3rd on the grid after 8 races absent. However his achilies heel once agian was his consistancy and despite his high grid slot a number of mistakes and tangles dropped him back. However he's an exciting driver and now with some experience under his belt we could see special things from him in sesaon 6.

Other results
DaZzAs13 - DNF
Modz85 - DNF


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