Season 3 – Round 9 – European Grand Prix

Season 3 – Round 9 – European Grand Prix


Season 3 – Round 9 – European Grand Prix

F1 - European Grand Prix - Qualifying Results
Pos No Driver Team Time Laps
1 1 New Zealand Flouncy India Group Force India 01:39.757 0
2 2 Australia Ghost India Group Force India 01:40.264 0
3 5 Australia bobaj0r Great Britain McLaren 01:40.397 0
4 4 Australia kikz Great Britain McLaren 01:41.019 0
5 3 Australia Atomic Lambo India Force India 01:41.040 0
6 6 Australia Fredzfrog India Force India 01:46.469 0
7 7 Australia E.T. Germany Mercedes 01:47.078 0
8 9 Australia BreakerMorant Great Britain Wiliams 01:49.626 0
F1 - European Grand Prix - Race Results
Pos No Driver Team Time Laps Grid Pts
1 1 New Zealand Flouncy India Group Force India 00:42:19.528 23 1 30
2 3 Australia Atomic Lambo India Force India +4.000 23 5 19
3 5 Australia bobaj0r Great Britain McLaren +4.400 23 3 17
4 2 Australia Ghost India Group Force India +33.400 23 2 16
5 4 Australia kikz Great Britain McLaren +1:52.400 23 4 12
6 7 Australia E.T. Germany Mercedes +1 lap 22 7 8
7 6 Australia Fredzfrog India Force India +1 lap 22 6 6
8 9 Australia BreakerMorant Great Britain Wiliams +23 laps 0 8 4
Driver Quotes

"Valencia was a nightmare, then a dream. I knew I had race winning and pole sitting pace, thought all was lost after coming off on lap 1. So sad inside. I just can't go fast like Ghost on wet, but after a few laps the tires came on and I was able to really gun it. Engine on Fast and zoom zoom zoom. Caught up to Lambo after a while (no idea how long it's all a blur), hounded him for a bit so he knew I was faster and he left an uncontested gap for me to get by and chase Ghosty." - Flouncy - GFI

"Valencia was nice, rain and all. Got out to a good start and took it easy on the first corner, still i was going to fast and the car would not turn and I hit someone who was on their line. Sorry person. Managed to get out in front on the first lap and tried to get away. always being chased by terriers on my ass. First half of the race was good, then the second half happened. I ran into a wall and thought I could get out of it if I just hit the gas.

That didn't work so I had to reverse. Me trying to find reverse it was like I had not driven a car before (2nd gear...hmm...nope, thats not it...ok this paddle goes down). In that time Flouncy had passed me and I yellowed up my wing. I pitted and sitting there in pits I suddenly realised I forgot to choose my tyres. I was too emotional from my crash only seconds ago.

Shit, I came out on wets again when the track was drying up. On that lap I also hurt my front wing again so I pitted again and came out on Primes. The rest of the race I was just trying to catch Boba who was getting away at about a second or two a lap. Dissapointing Round right there. Pit tyre change is my bane." - Ghost - GFI

"Valencia was a fail. Nerfed my quali lap on the last corner by cutting the track a little. The spray was pretty poor and a shot off track a few times. Once of those times (lap 2?) I completely missed the 50m marker at the end of the straight and went flying down the run-off, pulling it up just before I whacked into the wall up the extensive runoff. Broke my nose on lap one or two. Went in for new nose and tyres. Managed to go ok after that. ghost mentioned his 1:48 best on the same lap I did a high 1:47.

A few more laps later and I was into the 1:45's and maintaining if not decreasing the gap to the car in front. I started thinking about it being time to change tyres. I mentioned on the mic and hit the pits for inters at the end of that lap. Inters were slower! At no point did I look like getting anywhere near the 1:45's and the tyres started to fall off fast as the rain stopped. Dropped about 4-5 seconds a lap." - TurrbalTerror - McLaren

"Valancia I like, it's like a mixture of Monaco and spain if you ask me. Some nice sweeping corners, mixed with some high speed and low speed sections, and lots of walls. Qualifying was dry and since I didn't do alot of practice this week, I was off the pace. Took at least 3 or 4 laps to get into a groove. Once I'd felt comfortable I quickly went into the pits and changed boots for my hot lap. I did a two lap run but I could only manage 5th. I'm not happy with my car setup for this track still, I think it needs work, and I'm pretty sure the gearing is wrong, so will need to work on that.

Race was wet, real wet tho and any question over setup was thrown out as I set the car up for a balanced setup. The first corner was chaos, I lost a bit of my front wing on the back of bobaj0r but nothing serious. I recovered and into the tight turn before the bridge I saw Flouncy have his episode. I had a good tight battle with bobaj0r for a number of laps, but he spun on the chicane section out of turn one twice so was able to easily catch up.

The gap between 1 to 3 was very close with Ben right on my tail and catching at a rate of knots. It was clearly starting to dry up and I was desperately hoping to catch Ben in the pits when it was time for hard tires, but into the tied hire pin at the back of the track I let him through as I was about to pit. I went into the pits with about 8 laps to go and I decided to put on the option tires hoping they would go the distance as a similar strategy helped me win last seasons race.

When I came around 2 laps later I think Ben and Ghost both pitted and I cruised past with a decent gap. Unfortunately my tires weren't lasting and I was slowly being pulled in by Ben. Tried all the tricks by planting my car in the middle of the road but a good toe out of the first corner chicane and he was past. I tried one last move back up the inside from way back which in hindsight was more a desperate act then a legitimate overtaking move.

Contact was made but I allowed Ben to resume lead. From then on it was a cruise to the finish. My tires were orange by the end, prime tires would have been the wiser move, but overall I'm pleased with the result with a fairly clean race and optimal strategy. It was a good recovery from Ben to win. Clearly very fast on this track." - Atomic Lambo - Force India


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