Season 3 – Round 1 – Bahrain Grand Prix

Season 3 – Round 1 – Bahrain Grand Prix


Season 3 – Round 1 – Bahrain Grand Prix

F1 - Bahrain Grand Prix - Qualifying Results
Pos No Driver Team Time Laps
1 2 Australia Ghost India Group Force India 01:53.739 0
2 4 Australia kikz Great Britain McLaren 01:55.697 0
3 3 Australia Atomic Lambo India Force India 01:55.714 0
4 1 New Zealand Flouncy India Group Force India 01:55.945 0
5 11 Australia OriginalBollum Italy Ferrari 01:59.231 0
6 6 Australia Fredzfrog India Force India 02:05.841 0
F1 - Bahrain Grand Prix - Race Results
Pos No Driver Team Time Laps Grid Pts
1 2 Australia Ghost India Group Force India 00:39:51.267 20 1 30
2 1 New Zealand Flouncy India Group Force India +2.400 20 4 20
3 3 Australia Atomic Lambo India Force India +1:03.800 20 3 18
4 4 Australia kikz Great Britain McLaren +1:12.500 20 2 16
5 6 Australia Fredzfrog India Force India +1 lap 19 6 10
DNF 11 Australia OriginalBollum Italy Ferrari +20 laps 0 5 9
Driver Quotes

"Disappointing qualy. Race start and I scythed up the inside past everyone like a total driving god into the lead.

After that me and Ghost raced tail to nose for the whole race, it was majestic. Ghost again shows how good his car control is, able to stay right on someones (mine!) tail but without any danger.

Me and Ghost were matching pace dead on, I had the lead for most of it but went wide and got bogged for a sec on the sand about lap 18 or so. After that Ghost had enough to win it. Majestic race. Brilliant start to the season." - Flouncy - GFI

"Bahrain, wow, what a race between myself and Flouncy. I was duking it out with him in front looking for a chance to attack, then I realised we were on the same team, so no shenanigans were in order. A few times he slowed right down on the hairpin and I really did not want to tap him so I almost came to a complete stop.

I must say having Flouncy in front for the whole race was good times, as soon as I got in front on lap 18 or so I was lost, it was like I had no marker anymore. Managed to pull away for a bit but just 2 laps before the end, my fuel gauge started blinking yellow. I put the car on 'cruise' to see if that might help and FLouncy started catching again. The last few corners I put it back on 'fast' and on the second last corner my gauge was blinking red. I had just enough to finish.

Nice close racing Flouncy, I won't hit a teammate." - Ghost - GFI

"Season opener! Not my favourite track by a long shot, I find it difficult to get a rythem going here. My first qualifying run got caught up with Bollum on his lap, so I backed off, went to the pits and put on a new set went out and did a decent lap, but it wasn't perfect and there was plenty of time to be found. I went into the pits with only about 3 minutes remaining. My outlap I had to floor so I could get one more run in, and I managed to cross the line with only 1 second remaning. My first sectors were both green but I caught up to Bollum again and he spun T-Boning me and ending my lap. Unfortunate for both of us, but still 3rd on grid was a good start.

The start was chaotic, I got a good start following Kikz, with him being on the inside I was going to try and get him in the inside into turn one, but he cleverly put his McLaren in the middle forcing me to go towards the outside. Turning into turn one, Ghost went wide as I see a flash of either a red bull or torro rosso clip Kikz making a move on the inside, sending Kikz spinning into me. On watching the replay a number of times, it's definitely Ben and I gotta say Kikz is hard done here, turning in I can't see how he could see that coming. From my angle it looks bad, but I would need to see from Bens. Ben and Ghost took 1 and 2 positions, I resumed in 5th as Bollum passed me as well. Not much further into the lap I felt some contact from the rear from Kikz, and while I didn't know what happened Kikz fell behind. Kikz says I chopped him but looking a my replay I went into that corner on the normal line and had no idea he was trying to pass me on the inside.

Sorry Kikz I have to plead innocent in that transaction. Bollum spun so I took up forth as I chased down my team mate how had a great start and had kept out of trouble. Tho It nearly came to blows on the first corner as I tried to avoid him. The rest of the middle of the race was quite lonely. I pitted for my tires, but for what ever reason, I was not comfortable on them and I couldn't maintain consistent pace. Kikz was fast catching me in the dieing stages and was right behind me for a number of laps, but he must have made a mistake somewhere as I had a ok buffer at the end. 3rd place, not bad start, but a steller drive from Ghost up front." - Atomic Lambo

"My tale of events? Made a good start off the line in Bahrain. Was gaining ground on Ghost for the run into turn turn 1 and felt a push. I turned right and could not, like something was in my way. Next thing I know I'm off the track and faced the wrong way round. I got going and nailed a Bollum a few corners later. It looked like Lambo and Fredzfrog were tussling and Lambo wasn't moving as fast as I'd like.

I stuck it up the inside into turn 9 and could see half the yellow car. I turned sharp staying to the right trying to leave Lambo enough room. I think I did. Next thing I know I’m again facing the wrong way and I believe Lambo had pushed me right and off the track. Dead last again I pursued the pack, pitting early.

I caught up to Lambo around lap 12-13 maybe and sat on his gearbox for a few laps not wanting to to force the issue, though in hindsight, as I felt last year, I should force the issue more. I lost ground on about lap 17 and closed up again when we were lapping traffic, getting stuck behind I think Fredz for a few corners while Lambo pulled out a 4s lead in sector 2. I got the gap back down to under 1s by the last lap and was confident I would have passed – or died trying :) when I dropped it on turn 4.

Only time in the race/quali/my own practice for this race and it was the most crucial time :( . Quali I was blown away by Ghosts time. An epic performance by him indeed a whole 2seconds faster in sector 2 than anyone else and that was enough. The race was ok. good drives punctuated by a few spins of my own doing. I really need to work on keeping my car on track if I’m going to translate any speed into points.” – TurrbalTerror – McLaren


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